Our Stories Count was developed as a result of Dr. Kevin Cordi and Adjunct Professor’s Kim Masturzo’s pre-service education students need to address the subject of anti-bullying beyond the classroom. They were directly impacted after reading the book, “Dear Bully: Seventy Authors Tell Their Stories”.

Dear Bully

Authors: Seventy of the best YA authors out there!

Publisher: Harper Teen

More at www.DearBully.com

Our students shared their personal bullying (bystander or bullied) stories and read countless accounts of other stories and realized a need to act to help prevent this serious issue. 

We hope that you take some time to listen to the stories, read the articles, view the videos, and share our site with others.   If you have a story, article, poem, your story counts.   We would love to hear it!


Dr. Kevin Cordi

Dr. Kevin Cordi

Dr. Kevin Cordi

Dr. Kevin Cordi currently serves as an Assistant Professor at Ohio Dominican University where he teaches among other classes Applied Storytelling, Children and Young Adult Literature, Language Arts methods, and teaching seminars.  He is an internationally known storyteller who has the distinction of being “the first full-time high school storytelling teacher in the country.” You can find out more about his work at www.KevinCordi.com

*On a personal note, he was the smallest student at his school. He has been bullied, but he has also been empowered by friends, teachers, and his community. Today he has taught and told his story to over 40 states, England, Japan, Singapore, Scotland, and Canada.

Professor Adjunct Kim Masturzo

Professor Adjunct,
Kim Masturzo


Kim Masturzo is an Adjunct Instructor at Ohio Dominican University where she teaches Children’s and Young Adult Literature and also supervises student teachers.  She is passionate about teaching and enjoys her work with pre-service teachers.  Kim is married and has two amazing children.

*On a personal note, after beginning the Anti-Bullying Project with her students, she was astounded at the number of stories told by her students who had been bullied.  Their words inspired her to spark a change.  The most recent children’s novel that Kim has read entitled Wonder by R. J. Palacio, left a lasting impression on her.  She hopes that not only our youth, but also all of us will take a quote from the book to heart and that is “When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” 

Our Stories Count works to bring peoples' bullying experiences together. And without you, "Our" stories would not be possible. Spark change, create action.